Frequently Asked Questions
Can the kit only be started in January?
No. The notebooks are arranged January through December, but the correspondence can begin during any month of the year.
Is the kit designed for long distance grandparents and grandchildren only?
No. Even families that live close to one another don’t always find the time or the opportunity to share thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams with each other.
Why have a writing kit when a phone call seems easier?
Receiving personal correspondence amid all the junk mail and bills can make anyone’s day. In addition, the kit contains a keepsake folder to hold onto the letters received, to re-read and to treasure for a lifetime.
Is Grandconnect for grandparents and grandchildren only?
The first version was designed specifically for this group, however it can be adapted easily to accommodate many types of relationships. We are developing future versions that will more closely connect to other family relationships.
How do I get the other notebook to my grandchild?
We have provided a large envelope within the kit for mailing, however we do recommend that you provide packing around the notebook for additional protection.
What is the My Pledge?
It is simply a promise to consistently share your lives with each other.
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