Letter Writing Tips
1.) When writing to children under 12 years of age, print (not cursive writing)
2.) Writing letters takes time.
3.) Form a mental picture of your grandchild or grandparent, and the things that you enjoy or appreciate about them.
4.) Be specific and be descriptive. Try being funny.
5.) Don't spend a lot of time describing the current weather. My grandmother once told me, "I can turn on the TV to see how your weather is". Exceptions would be abnormal weather conditions for the day.
6.) Highlight information you don't want your reader to miss.
7.) Attach stickers to emphasis a point or just to add fun.
8.) What you share should be fun and interesting, but, most importantly, a part of you. Your interests and experience matter.
9.) Include a photograph, draw a picture, be creative.
10.) Find time to write another letter. Make it a habit.
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