A Few Testimonials

We are thrilled with the Grandconnect product! What a wonderful tool the letter writing kit has been for us this past year in the classroom. The style and format are kid-friendly and very attractive.

We felt that Grandconnect created an opportunity for students to express their writing skills in another way. We have great writers in 5th grade, but we rarely have the opportunity to "publish" their writing in a real way. The letters they wrote were real and were always sent. They received letters back and shared them with their peers. It was very motivational.
Grandconnect also gave students a look into their family histories. Stories were exchanged that were surprising, heart warming and new; this was history unfolding in their very own lives! Our parents were also impressed by the stories and letters. They were even surprised by some of the stories that came from Grandconnect.
We would love to continue this rich and rewarding tool in the future! Grandconnect was a huge success!

Thank you,

Cheryl Twedt and Chrissy Ziegler
5th Grade Teachers
Clear Springs Elementary School
Minnetonka Public Schools
" One of my most cherished memories of my grandmother was her wonderful stories. Grandma wrote me several letters over the course of many years and these stories were captured in her letters. I recall how excited I would be to receive Grandma's letters, I would find a quiet time in the day to read them, as if I was savoring a fine dessert. Now that Grandma is long gone, her letters bring me such great comfort as I once again read her stories and can hear Grandma's voice through her writing. Grandma always concluded her letters by saying if she made any spelling mistakes to take those as kisses and hugs. We wrote several letters to each other over the years and we both laughed about how we saved each and every one of the letters written. Those letters are such a treasure and comfort to me, I now read them to my children and share Grandma's stories. I am excited to see a product like Grandconnect being available that can facilitate creating those same type of memories for my own children. ”
- Susan M. | Shorewood, MN

" Speaking of writing, I saw a product in a bookshop in St. Paul that I'm using myself and that we're now carrying in the store. It's a kit called Grandconnect, and it contains two notebooks of brightly colored stationery. The idea is that grandparents and grandchildren will exchange one letter a month for a year. The attraction of Grandconnect is that it provides users with a structure for writing letters. I'm very busy and I get lost quickly without a structure.

I'm not a grandparent yet, but one of my daughters lives on the East Coast and I don't get to see her very often. We stay in contact via email and the telephone, which sort of works. They are efficient and ephemeral, both part of the throw away culture we've created.
Letters are different. Usually we take our time to compose them. Often we save letters and read them again later. They engage us on a deeper level than other communication technologies.
The energy required to write a good letter is similar to the energy required to read a difficult book. Both our worth our effort, both employ the best parts of us. "
-Karl Pohrt | Owner, Shaman Drum Bookstore | Ann Arbor, MI
“ Having grown up with my grandparents living close by, I was able to learn much about their heritage, memories and personal likes and dislikes. My daughter isn’t able to have the same type of regular personal contact with her grandparents (who live in Oregon and Canada). Grandconnect has become a way for them to establish a closer relationship and exchange information and news with each other in a fun and easy way. ”
- Kathy R. | Oakesdale, WA
“ My kids are now grown and just starting families of their own. I bought Grandconnect as a gift for a friend, but I was so excited to see the opportunity I will have when my grandchildren are a little older to “connect” with them and share our lives with each other. ”
- Krisann F. | Post Falls, ID
“ I really like using Grandconnect to write letters to my grandma. I like the cool designs and it helps me think of things to write about. My grandma says that it helps her too, because it helps her remember happy things she hasn’t thought about in a long time. ”
- Shea L. | Excelsior, MN
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